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Do you love making videos?  Are you a total YouTube junkie?  Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or just a teenager who loves film, you’ve come to the right place.  This site is all about making movies.  We’ll guide you through the steps of editing a film to get it to perfection.  We’ll highlight awesome new YouTube clips and movies that hit the big screen.  From movie news to tutorials on how to make your own videos, you will find everything you need here to get your next video fix!

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Using YouTube Tutorials To Make Cash

When my girlfriends and I started our crafting blog – we never dreamed it would take off like it did, but we’re so glad it has been successful! Through pay per click advertising and sponsored giveaways, we’ve even been able to make a little money at it, too.

One of the things we did once we started getting a lot of blog traffic is that we created a YouTube channel so that we could share our all DIY video tutorials in one place. We let our readers know that in addition to photo tutorials of our crafting projects, we were going to offer step-by-step tutorials for some of our more popular projects. The first video we made taught viewers how to turn an old t-shirt in to a ruffled scarf – a simple, but adorable up cycling project that could be completed in 30 minutes or less.

The readers loved it – we got over a thousand hits the first week, so we thought about it, and a new idea was born – Lunch Break Craft Time – all were video tutorials project that could be completed in a half hour or less – hence the “lunch break” name. Each week we upload a different project, with a link to the YouTube tutorial video, and encouraged our readers to send in photos of their finished products.

When the YouTube channel started getting lots of hits -we decided we could use the same money making system with YouTube as we did with our blog – we became a YouTube partner, and slowly, we started to make money through YouTube as well.

The overall response to adding YouTube tutorials to our blog has been great – most people love a “live action”  version of crafting, and seeing someone do it first is often helpful if you’re new to crafting. We love sharing them with our readers!

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Creating Quality Montage Videos

Slide shows and montage videos are all the rage at weddings and graduations these days.  A sideshow of the happy couple or the graduating senior is often the highlight of the event for the family.

How do you create a quality montage video that isn’t too long but conveys a lifetime? Here are some tips you can use:

  • Get a wide variety of photos that cover the time periods you are highlighting. Having a lot to choose from will give you a good selection to work with.
  • Make sure to use quality, clear pictures, especially if you do not have a digital copy. The clearer the photo the better it will scan.
  • Work with the images, using different transitions from slide to slide to create different effects. By changing the way and the speed that the slides transition can allow you to use more images in your montage.
  • If you are choosing to add music to your montage video, which most people do, you can also alter the speed and transition style of the photos to help them “fit” to the length of the song or songs that you have selected.
  • Often you can use text on your slide shows, too – to help “narrate” the video – telling which people and places are in a particular photo.

One thing that photographers will sometimes offer as part of wedding packages is a CD montage of images from the big day. Like a digital photo album, it allows far away friends and family to view the montage and feel like they were part of the actual events. This also works for these types of montage videos as well. You could offer copies to grandparents or other family members as a wonderful keepsake of an exciting time.

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How To Make Great Tutorial Videos for YouTube

YouTube is a great vehicle for getting your self produced tutorial videos on the web, but how do you get them noticed? There are several things that you can do to make your videos stand out from the rest.

Creativity counts! You want to make a video that isn’t like anything else out there. That can be a challenge in a market over saturated with DIY videos, but trying something different or unique will definitely get you noticed!

Make sure your tutorials are well planned out and easy to follow. If you watch a lot of DIY crafting or cooking programs on television, you have probably noticed that they often show each step, even they are if time lapsed – to make sure you get the entire process.

Another great option to include would be a link to a blog or website where the viewer could find printable step-by-step instructions to go along with the visual presentation. Along those same lines, consider creating a YouTube channel for all your videos and linking it back to your blog or website and linking in into related posts. You’ll get more views and hits to both your blog and YouTube channel – something that is key if you’re using them for revenue.

Look at other tutorial videos and see what you like and don’t like about the way that they are done. Are the directions clear and easy to understand? Does the video use terminology that the average person (who isn’t familiar with the topic being shown) would be able to understand? Is the project easy to see (good lighting, clear camera shots, etc.)? Take notes on things that you can do to make your video the best it can be.

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Using V2 Cigs Reviews and Dealing with the Stress of Making Online Videos

There was a time when selling livestock wasn’t so difficult. If I wanted to thin down my herd of Red Angus cattle or sell a good boar, all I had to do was run an advertisement in the appropriate magazine and I’d get all sorts of calls from people who wanted to make me a deal. I really miss those days. The internet really changed everything.

Now if I want to sell anything and make some good money, I need to have a video of it. This is one of those things that sounds like a simple enough thing to create, but in reality, it takes a ton of time and can be a massive headache.

I know a few producers who are able to put a video together in about thirty minutes but that’s not me. Not only does it take me a little time to get everything organized, but if I’m going to make a video, it’s going to be a good one. I’m posting these things online, they reflect on the operation I run, when someone watches one of my online sale videos, I want them to get the impression that in addition to breeding top quality cattle and pigs, I also run an organized, clean farm.

The first headache with filming livestock is that they never do what I want them to. It really shouldn’t be difficult. I just want them to walk around a bit to show that they’re not lame and to stand nicely enough for the viewer to get a good impression of the animal’s conformation. The problem is the livestock never cooperates. Animals sulk, they won’t walk, and if they stand still, they have a knack for striking a pose that makes them look like they have a big head, crooked legs, and tiny rear end. Even worse, they also seem to want to be videotaped right in front of the compost heap. By the end of the day I’ve probably shot three hours of footage and only ten minutes might be good.

And shooting the video is just part of the problem. No one wants to watch three hours of cattle and pigs milling aimlessly around. I have to go through the entire video and edit out all the bad parts, and then try to merge the good ones into an online video. It’s my experience that creating a good online video that showcases a single cow and calf combination I’m selling can take about 14 hours of editing time.

Editing an online sales video is time consuming, frustrating, and tedious. In addition to lots of caffeine I rely heavily on electronic cigarettes to keep me awake. I started using electronic cigarettes after reading the V2 Cigs review from the Advanced Vaping Guide online.

I liked the fact the V2 Cigs reviews mentioned that the vaporizers were battery powered and didn’t have any flames so I could use them when I got stressed in the barn and not worry about them setting any hay particles on fire. The other thing I like when reading the V2 Cigs reviews was that there was nicotine free vapor juice so that I could use the devices without having to worry about becoming addicted.

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Top Sites to Watch Online Videos

Online videos provide laughs, they inspire and they are also a way to beat boredom. Knowing where to watch the best videos saves you time and allows you to quickly access the entertainment that you crave.

YouTube – YouTube is probably the most popular online video site and it is free. Check out the latest music videos from your favorite artists or spend a few minutes watching kittens get frisky. You can also use this site for things like workout videos so that you can start getting in shape for free.

Vimeo – Vimeo has a variety of videos, ranging from independent film makers sharing their lives to musicians trying to break into the market. This site allows you to peek into the lives of real people who are trying to realize their dreams or get their message out to the world.

Netflix – Watch television shows, trailers and clips and full-length movies online with Netflix. There is a monthly fee associated with this service. You can browse by genre, what is popular now or simply type in exactly what you are searching for to see what is available.

Hulu – If you want to want to watch the latest episodes of dozens of your favorite shows, Hulu is a solid option. There is a monthly fee, but with it, you get unlimited access to shows and movies that you can watch online at any time.

Keep these video sites saved in your browser favorites and you will never be without much needed entertainment. Share videos with your friends and be sure to have fun with the viral videos that everyone is talking about.

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Use Online Videos to Create a Book Trailer

These days trailers aren’t just for movies and television shows. A large number of authors have started to create book trailers which they use as part of their marketing material for upcoming releases! Many have been surprised by how their online book trailer was received by fans and list the online video as one of their favorite and most successful marketing tools. If you’re getting ready to publish, here are some tips that will help you create your own book trailer.

It’s Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be Professional

Even self-publishing an ebook is expensive so it’s likely you don’t have any extra money laying around to pay a professional to create a book trailer for you. That’s okay. Unlike the cover, it’s okay for you to create a book trailer by yourself. The trick is to make it fun.

It Doesn’t Have to Be All About the Book

It’s easy to be intimidated when you watch book trailers that have been created by professionals. More often than not, this video cost the author a few thousand dollars. Don’t even try to compete against that. Two authors, Sarah Dessen and Jackson Pearce, did excellent jobs creating creative, fun online videos that they used as a book trailer that turned into highly effective marketing tools.

Promote It

You worked hard to write a book, than you worked hard to create a book trailer, now you need to tell people about it. Make sure you post the video on all of your social media sites, including your blog. You should also be able to put it on your Amazon author page. If you’re doing a book blog tour, you should always embed your book trailers URL into the content.

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating an online book trailer is to have fun, use sharp images, and make sure the vocals are clear.

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The Key To Online Videos

When the Internet was first launched in the 1960’s the world had no idea that it would change everything. The people who started this idea just thought it would be a neat way to share thoughts between departments. The truth however is much different. The advent of the personal computer and the use of the Internet made society much more connected than ever before. When sites like YouTube launched in the late 90’s or early 2000’s people all over the world developed the ability to become film directors. Because of this phenomenon we now live in a world where online videos dominate all that we do. Cell phones are now fitted with cameras and we are always finding that events and incidents are recorded and then placed online. However intrusive this might seem there are some that have tapped in to the power of online videos. Here are the keys you need to do the same thing.

The first thing to know about online videos is that the majority of them need to be short and to the point. Too many people ramble on and on. If you are sharing a video that you think is noteworthy then you need to make sure you make your point in a timely manner. People like short clips and they do not like to wait for over 10 minutes to learn the point behind the video. Online videos can be great for business but the production level needs to be good. it does not have to look like Oliver Stone shot the film but it needs to have an air of professionalism. Finally I would say your online videos need to have good sound. A great picture is one thing but good audio will put you over the top.

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Find Information You Need on YouTube

It has taken me a few years to really get used to finding whatever I want on the internet. Not only do I like to do a lot of my shopping online I now use the internet for my entertainment as well. I am so excited when I can find some episodes of my favorites shows online. There are a lot of sitcoms that I like, and thankfully there is one website that allows me to watch old episodes on my own time.

YouTube is a great site that I don’t think I could live without. Well, you know what I mean. It sure makes life a lot easier when I want to just quickly find an old episode of a show to watch. I also like that I can find new episodes of shows I have never seen. Other great things that you can find are videos of funny or interesting things that you can’t find other places. Videos that help you finish or start projects, like how-to videos, are also a great resource that is available on YouTube as well.

And if you don’t like videos in those categories, you can also upload your own videos to the site to share with people you know or even strangers. Since kids and pets do a lot of silly things that are worthy of videotaping, you may find YouTube to be a great place to go to store videos. It gives you option of sharing your videos, but you may also keep them private as well. And don’t forget that you can listen to great music videos on YouTube. There are a lot of them available that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

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Get Your Video Blog Started

It has been a few years since I started my blog and I am amazed at how many people want to read what I post every day. Of course I think that what I write is interesting, but then again, what kind of person wouldn’t like what they have written about themselves. Ha ha! Seriously, I really do think, or at least I hope that what I post on my blog is important reading for someone out there and that they take something away for one or more post. Otherwise, I might just be doing the blog for my own sanity.

So it was important for me to listen to my readers when they said that they would love to see me do a video blog or at least a few video blog posts. I am a little apprehensive about doing this because I really don’t like to be on camera. But I am considering it because I think it might be fun in some weird way. Perhaps I will like doing a few videos on some different topics and might even change the format of my blog completely.

Before I attempt any kind of video on my blog I want to check out some other blogs or vlogs so I know just how to do it. Hopefully there will be a few video blogs out there that are similar to my blog and I can just play it by ear. I kind of have an idea of what I want to say and the topics I want to touch on, but it might take me some time to get up the nerve to do it. Maybe in the next few weeks I will get my first blog up and you can judge how good I am at doing them.

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Be Careful When Posting Videos Online

The many advances in technology can make daily life much easier in many ways. For one, you don’t have to actually own a computer to check your email, send messages to friends or watch videos online. If you have a smart phone, you can watch videos on your phone any time that you want. Another place where you can watch online videos is on your tablet. Not only can you watch videos posted by others, you can also post videos of your own on the internet for others to watch.

This may seem rather harmless, but just like anything that you put out on the internet you should make sure you are safe when you post videos online. Unless you make sure to have special permissions included with the video that will prohibit it from being seen by everyone, you don’t want to post just anything online. There are many good reasons why you should keep certain online videos private. One of the best is that you have no idea who is watching the videos. When you post videos of children, you run the risk of creeps watching the videos for reasons you don’t want to know anything about.

But that is not the only thing to consider when posting videos online. Young people often post videos of themselves or friends doing crazy things without any consideration of how it might affect them later on. It is always good to think about whether or not you would want a potential employer to see the video before you decide to post it online. Whether we like it or not, we are now in the time of technology when employers can easily look you up online to find out if you really would be a good candidate for the job they are looking to fill.

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The Connection Between Vaporizers And Online Videos

I have often wondered why there is so much importance placed on making a video go viral. I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of videos and most of these videos have never experienced the “viral” trend. However when a video does go viral it will not only be seen by millions of people, but it will also help the original distributor make a few extra dollars. Further, online videos are a great way for people to market and advertise their new products or their new ideas. Take vaporizers for instance. Most young people have seen a vaporizer when they have a chest cold or maybe the flu. But did you know that vaporizers could be used for more than that? Vaporizers are making a huge comeback these days and the big reason why is because of their use of online videos.

Online videos have helped the vaporizers gain popularity for a number of reasons but perhaps the biggest reason is the celebrity push that has been seen. For whatever reason, even though we have seen it for many years, when a celebrity is seen using a device it makes the device more appealing. This is the case for vaporizers. I would have never thought that a vaporizer would be an awesome accessory to my home but then I saw Snoop Dog using one and I realized that it was cool. I mean if the king of rap can use a vaporizer and still be cool, then I think I could use it too. But there are many other reasons that vaporizers have been used in online videos. So here are a few more examples of vaporizers being used in online videos.

Funny or Die is a very popular website that typically has numerous amounts of comedians competing in some kind of crazy stunt or video. I have noticed that they too will place vaporizers in their videos. So this leads me to the next question. Are the videos popular because of the vaporizers or are the vaporizers popular because of the videos? I have to admit that I think the answer to this question is the vaporizers are making the comeback due to online videos. People are seeing these things used and they are realizing that they have a numerous amount of uses. Vaporizers can be used for treating serious illnesses such as high blood pressure and they can even help with chronic pain and insomnia. These are real issues that people are finding help with.

Online videos have been connected to some very interesting things in the past and they have also been linked to some shady products. However vaporizers are not one of those things. Vaporizers can be used with e-liquids, wax, and even dried herbs. All of these things combine to offer real world results to real world people. So what are you waiting for?

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Making Online Videos After Stumbling On MsPrepper

Over the years there has been a huge push for more and more people to embrace and use online videos. The great thing is that online videos are not only great for passing the time but they are also great for informing the masses, sharing a new idea, and even education. I personally have been involved with online video for almost 10 years. During that time I have witnessed the evolution of this new social media platform and I am always striving to learn more and become a better filmographer.

So what does any of this have to do with MsPrepper ? The simple answer to this is that I was recently just trolling through the web video sections looking for things that seemed interesting. I wasn’t really looking for anything particular but I was just curious to see what I could find. Luckily for me I was able to stumble upon a section of videos that were dedicated to prepping. The best videos were from MsPrepper and she had some amazing tips about emergency preparedness and survival. As I started looking through other prepping videos from other random websites, I realized the quality wasn’t always so great. The pictures were grainy and the film quality was reminiscent of something from the 1970’s.

After seeing the tips MsPrepper provided, I was inspired to try to use my love of film to help advance the prepping movement. I started contacting random survival site builders and was able to get the information that I needed. I spoke with the owner of a few sites and was able to share a few pieces of information regarding the making of films. As luck would have it I was offered a position with one survival site as their video producer. I was ecstatic. You see I have been involved with the prepping world for a few years now. Ever since my father started prepping when I was in High School, it has been something that I have been rather passionate about. I don’t broadcast this information to the world mainly because I don’t want the world knowing what I have and don’t have. However it would be correct to assume that my family and I have almost everything that we could need.

I wanted to take the time to remind anyone that might be interested in the world of prepping that MsPrepper has almost every kind of helpful tips that you could imagine! It is a site dedicated to beginning female preppers and it is something that really digs into the heart of the issues that preppers face. I get so annoyed when sites are always dedicated to only men and there survival needs. The reality is that women are typically the glue that holds a home together and women need to be prepared about all things related to prepping. Take the time to check out MsPrepper and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Plus, you might even want to check out some of the great survival videos online too. I think we are making some great headway in that department!

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The Benefits Of Online Video Streaming

If you have a business that you want to grow in revenue then you need to use online video streaming! Include these online video streams on your webpage and you are sure to get folks attention! I would recommend that you be sure to update your website at least on a weekly basis. This way you will know that folks are being kept in the loop of what is happening in your business. Video streaming has quickly become more popular these days as folks are finding out that they get reap a lot of benefits of using it. This technology works by allowing users to access streaming videos via their web browsers. Also as I already mentioned, you can use online video streaming on your website in order to help you sell your products. Folks like to see what it is you have for sale and how it works before they buy, and what better way to do this than by streaming and online video of it. Advertising your product via online video streaming is one of the best ways to get your name out there and to show others what you have to offer them.

Another way that streaming online videos is helpful is for online classes. This way student’s who have to stay home or are taking online courses can access the classroom from the comfort of their own homes. This is great for those folks who don’t have time to actually attend a class in person.

Online video streaming can also be used for folks who are looking for ways to talk to their loved ones who live far away. It’s a great way to keep everyone connected no matter how far apart they live from one another.

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Creating a YouTube Channel is Easy!

When was the last time you took a video of your kids or your dog or of something else important to you and thought that there had to many others who would love to watch the video as well? So many people are in your shoes and are sharing the great videos that they are creating on YouTube. This is a great resource and if you have a video that you want others to see, now is the time to create your own channel on this great website.

The first thing that you need to do is create an account on the website. This is as easy as joining any other site. Now you have to think about what type of videos you will be showing on your YouTube channel. There are many different options here and you don’t have to be specific if you don’t have any particular videos in mind yet. The categories for channels vary greatly depending on who is uploading videos. For example, this is a great website for new bands who are trying to get their music heard by as many people as possible.

But you don’t have to be trying to get a fan base in order to use the site. Maybe you just want to create and share videos with family members who you don’t get to see all of the time. As long as Grandma has access to the internet, you can post videos of the crazy things that your kids do and she won’t miss out on anything. And don’t forget to check out all of the videos that other people are sharing. You would be amazed at the things people do while in front of a camera.

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My Thoughts on Watching Online Videos

I have a few pet peeves when it comes to the Internet and the video watching experience. I have loved the Internet for many years and I have spent countless hours trolling different pages and watching hundreds of hours of video clips. But when it comes to the videos on the Internet there are a few things that I have to complain about. First off, what is the deal with the endless commercials? It isn’t enough that the television kills all shows with commercials? I mean seriously! When you watch television, the average 30-minute show has about 12 minutes of commercials. It is ridiculous. And now the Internet is full of videos that have commercials. Every video opens with a commercial and some of these commercials are as long as 3 minutes. This is ridiculous. I watch online videos to avoid the relentless ad campaigns.

Another issue I have with watching Internet videos is the endless comment sections. Why does it matter if someone hates your video? Why are people so inclined to make sure that they adequately display a sense of disdain for your video? Here is an idea. If you do not like a video, don’t watch it again. It really is that simple. Overall I like watching videos online. It is very convenient and it allows me to watch on my terms. But I would really like for someone to invent a way to bypass commercials. Other than that and the comments section, I would recommend the Internet video experience to anyone. Oh, one more thing, when making a video be sure to hold the camera still. It is so annoying when a cameraman or woman does not know how to operate the camera.

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How To Achieve Fame From YouTube

Our world is a world that is based on fame. Everyone wants to be famous and everyone wants to know someone that is famous. For some reason we have this desire to be wanted and to be known. Some would argue that this is some kind of mental issue and others will say that it is completely normal. Regardless of what you think there is one thing that is a proven fact. You do not have to have any talent and you do not have to have excessive beauty in order to be famous. In fact, you do not have to be on television or the radio in order to be famous. All you need is a video recorder and the ability to work a computer. Thanks to YouTube everyone has a chance to be famous. Even the most boring and mundane people have the chance to be seen by millions of people. Let s explore this idea and test the hypothesis.

One of the most watched videos in the history of YouTube was called Charlie Bit My Finger. This was a short video of a small boy and an infant boy. The small boy placed his finger in the mouth of the baby and the baby bit the finger. The baby then laughed and the young boy cried. For some reason this video has garnered millions of hits and views making the boy very famous. There is no need to polish your talents and there is no sense in trying to make yourself look pretty. Simply acting goofy or dumb will make you famous in the world of YouTube.

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3 Steps to Become a YouTube Sensation

There’s no getting around the fact that YouTube can be a very valuable self-promotional marketing tool. Without the video sharing website, the world would never have learned about Justin Bieber who was able to use the videos he posted of himself singing to help launch his career. Several other musicians have experienced the same thing, though maybe not the same amount of success.

When you create your YouTube channel you should expect that the day will come when it will generate a great deal of traffic. Decorate the page accordingly. You want it to look original, professional, and to make your brand very clear. When someone checks out your Youtube account they should know right away that you’re a musician and the genre of music you prefer.

The trick to being a successful YouTube star will be uploading lots of videos. The more videos you upload, the more people will find you and the greater the chances will be of you eventually going viral, which should be main goal.

Even though you want to load as many videos as you possible can, you shouldn’t saturate the website with low quality videos. If you want to get positive results the videos you upload need to be good quality. In addition to making sure the videos look good, you should also make sure your sound is clear and distinctive. When a fan plays the video, they should get the impression that you’re standing in their room singing directly to them.

You need to be willing to promote your YouTube channel. This means doing things like commenting, nicely, on the videos other people have posted, which encourages them to check out your videos. Posting links to your work on Twitter and Facebook, and even keeping a blog of your YouTube journey.

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Using Technology to Find a Job

Well, it seems like it might finally be time to start acting like an adult. I am a senior in college now and graduation is just around the corner. I have thought a lot about what type of job I want to have when I graduate, but I have also considered going to graduate school to get an advance degree as well. But as much as I like school, ahem, I think it might be time to go out into the real world and make some money.

Though many people may try to get you to believe that there are no jobs to be had, I know for a fact that there are plenty of them out there. I go online just about every day and use technology to find ones that I know I would be qualified to do. I don’t know if they are just not using technology to find jobs or if they just do not want the jobs that are available, but I am so tired of people saying there are no jobs for people like them.

Perhaps I am a bit biased because I will be qualified for jobs in the technology field with my degree in computer engineering, but there are lots of people looking for jobs that have college degrees. I personally think that job seekers are using the economy as an excuse not to work at a job that they think is beneath them. Since I will be a poor recent college graduate, I plan on taking any job I can get as long as it pays the bills.

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Tips For Making And Editing Videos

Everyone has those old home movies that they love to get together and watch over the holidays, and everyone has parts of these videos that they wish they could actually see. This is due to the fact that many people have no idea how to actually make a good video or the correct way to edit them. Below are a few tips for making and editing videos so that you and your family can enjoy them.

A good rule of thumb when editing a video is to not include any part of it that may be out of focus. The same goes for any part of the video that has loud noises in the background that may hinder you from enjoying what you want to see.

Keep in mind that videotaping something for more than 10 seconds, although fun while you are doing it, may be very boring for an audience to watch later. You should always edit any parts of your video that is more than ten seconds long out of the video, to reduce the chances that folks will be bored with your work.

Also it is a good idea to avoid using the same kind of special effect, if you use them, more than a few times in one video. This can become very monotonous for those who will be watching the video later.

It’s a good idea to stick to instrumental music if you are planning to add music to your video. Not everyone is going to like the same style music you like so you will have a larger audience if you stick to strictly instrumentals.

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How To Create a Quality YouTube Cooking Video

Cooking and baking blogs are huge these days. Combine the popularity of food blogs with the popularity of cooking shows on television – and you have a market wide open for online cooking videos. The truth is, most people will be more inclined to try a new recipe if they have seen someone make it before, which makes them feel like they can do it, too.

If you have a cooking or baking blog – consider adding step by step video tutorials (through YouTube) – featuring some of your tried and true recipes and encourage people to try them on their own. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your video for YouTube:

  • Use language that even the novice cook can understand. Often people who are excellent cooks will use terms or techniques that can make the beginner cook feel overwhelmed. By using terms that are basic – it backs up the old adage from the movie Ratatouille – “Everyone can cook!”
  • Make sure you have good lighting and good clear footage of each step. Often if someone is watching a cooking video, they are watching it for techniques and tips to improve their cooking as well as try a new recipe, so making sure each step is easy to see and understand is key.
  • Consider a “tips and tricks” video that shows different ways to save time and money in the kitchen, recipe swaps and substitutions, or other helpful hints that can improve one’s cooking skills.
  • Always show the finished product – the best part of cooking and baking is getting to taste the results, by showing what the recipe should look like in the end will give your viewers confidence that they can make it as well.
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